The Anti-Bullying policy is to safeguard the rights of our students so that they are able to learn in an environment which is supportive of their needs. By helping members of our community to realise what bullying is, we can also help to prevent it. It is the responsibility of all members of the school community from the students, staff and parents to report any incidents of bullying. At Y.I.S, bullying is not accepted and any form of bullying will not be tolerated.

Definition of Bullying

Bullying is defined as anyone deliberately hurtful behaviour, usually repeated over a period of time, where it is difficult for those being bullied to defend themselves. The different types of bullying are:

  • Physical bullying
  • Verbally bullying
  • Indirect bullying

Bulling is a serious issue and is one of the main concerns that parents may have regarding their children’s safety. Bullying affects a student’s confidence, their performance in school and can have a very negative impact on a student’s life. It is recognised that if a student has been bullied, it is the school’s responsibility to provide the appropriate pastoral support to help the student in getting over their ordeal.

Y.I.S also understands that there are reasons to why a student decides to bully another. Therefore, support is also provided to these students in order to be given the opportunity to understand them and to help them to realise what they have done wrong and not to repeat it.

Y.I.S tries to raise awareness of bullying to its students through the curriculum as well as morning assemblies, daily prayer time in order to make sure this behaviour does not occur. Raising staff awareness of bullying is also a priority for Y.I.S

Anti-Bullying Procedure

  • If bullying has been reported by the student/parent/staff or is suspected, it will be reported immediately to the administrative team
  •  The concerned student will be asked to write a report regarding the incident of which will be given to the Principal in order to take the appropriate action
  • The Principal along with a representative from the Student Affairs will interview the individuals and this will be recorded Yusr International School Anti-Bullying Policy
  •  Relevant class teachers, supervisors, Heads of Sections will be informed in case the bullying persists. Staff members must report any incidents.
  •  The parents will be informed through the whole process
  •  Disciplinary action will be taken in accordance to Y.IS policy and the Ministry of Education disciplinary policy if bullying is found to have taken place.

The school offers support for students who have been bullied in all aspects:

  • The school has a dedicated Student Affairs department that will support the student and the student will be able to talk about their experience
  • The Student Affairs department will provide continuous support for the student
  • There will be an emphasis on restoring the student’s confidence and self esteem

Students who have bullied other students will be placed on behavioural probation. The student affairs team will support the student by:

  •  Finding out the reasons why they decided to behave this way
  • Emphasising what was done wrong and how they can change
  • Parents/guardians will be informed if the student is making any progress in their attitude and interaction with other students
  •  Staff will be asked to report any incidents with the student

If it is deemed appropriate by the School Principal, the following disciplinary steps can be taken:

  •  official warnings to the student
  • behavioural probation
  •  fixed term suspension
  •  permanent suspension

Special Educational Needs (SEN) Policy

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