The policy is designed to ensure and maintain safe and healthy working conditions at YIS for all staffs, pupils and visitors. It enables Yusr International School to fulfil their obligations, their employees, the students, members of the public, visitors, contractors and others affected within the Yusr school ground. It is the objective of the policy to ensure in so far as is reasonably practicable the health safety and welfare of its employees and others, to promote a positive health and safety culture within the organization and to create a working environment in which health and safety considerations influence every aspect of the life of the schools and risks are reduced to a minimum. The board of trustees is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace. We will achieve this through:

Ensuring the health and safety a key part of our role

 – Working with our workers to improve the health and safety system at our school

– Ensuring everything reasonably possible to remove or reduce the risk of injury or illness

– Ensuring all incidents, injuries and near misses are recorded in the appropriate place

– Investigating incidents, near misses and reducing the likelihood of them happening again

– Placing emergency plans and procedures in place

– Training everyone in regards to hazards and risks so everyone can work safely – Provide appropriate induction, training and supervision for all new and existing workers

– Helping workers who were injured or ill return to work safely

– Ensuring contractors and sub-contractors working at the school operate in a safe manner

– Provide and maintain fire safety systems

– Provide safe access to and egress from School and provide a safe working environment through the upkeep and repair of the buildings, structure and the grounds of the schools

– Prepare an emergency plan of action and ensure that the action plan is accessible to all employees

– Inform and communicate with employees on all matters pertaining to health and safety 

At Yusr International School we want to encourage all workers to play a vital and responsible role in maintaining a safe and healthy environment though: 

– Being involved in improving health and safety system at work

– By following all the codes and conducts, rules, procedures and safe ways of working – Reporting all injuries, incidents and near misses

– Helping and ensuring new staff, workers, trainees and visitors to the workplace to understand the safety procedures and why they exist

– Reporting any health and safety concerns or issues through the reporting system

– Keeping the work place tidy in order to minimise the risk of any trips and falls 

To ensure that everyone is safe within the Yusr environment we place that all others within the school including students and visitors are encouraged to:

Follow all instructions, rules and procedures whilst in the school grounds

– Report all injuries, incidents and near misses to their teachers or other members Students are provided with basic health and safety rules, information and training and are encouraged to engage in positive health and safety practices.


In order to meet the objectives of Health and Safety Policy, Yusr International School has put into effect the following arrangements:

1. Risk Assessment

Risk assessments are very important as they form an integral part of a good occupational health and safety management plan. The will help Yusr International School to allow our staff, students, visitors and others become aware of hazards and risk. At YIS, our risk assessment is a thorough look at our workplace to identify such situations and can possess into an hazard or a danger to others. After identifying the issues, we evaluate how likely the risk is and then decisions will be made to understand what measures should be in place to effectively prevent or control the harm from happening.

2. Safe Workplace 

According to the requirements of the Saudi Ministry of Education Regulations, Yusr International School is committed to maintaining the buildings and structures to a safe standard, as far as is reasonably practicable and to ensuring safe standard, as outlet from the premises. Full risk assessments of the water storage tanks and the water supply are carried out by competent outside professionals, as a result of which necessary refurbishment and cleansing are undertaken. The water storage tanks and water supply system are inspected at least annually on a contracted scheduled basis by competent professionals and refurbishment and disinfection are carried out according to their recommendations. The risk assessments will be reviewed as necessary and at least once a year.

3. Fire Safety 

At YIS, we consider that fire poses a significant risk in the workplace. Our Health and Safety Authority has a role in monitoring employers’ management of fire risk. We believe that in order to prevent future fire risk we created a fire prevention strategy and a fire risk assessment. This includes issues arising from heat, oxygen and fuel. The arrangements for the provision and maintenance of fire safety equipment, fire precautions and fire safety procedures are set down in Yusr‘s International School Health and Safety Policy.

Employers and YIS must carry out a fire safety risk assessment will be kept up to dat. This will help prevent fire in the workplace and within the school grounds. YIS risk assessment identifies what could cause a fire to start and the people who may be at risk.

4. Security 

At Yusr International School we consider the safety of all visitors, employees, students and others very seriously. The security of the students and staff on site is of paramount importance at YIS to the site for throughout the working day and overnight is controlled by our safe guards and security men. All visitors are required to register at Reception and to wear a Visitors’ badge. Visitors are not permitted unaccompanied access to the school. Procedures are in place for dealing with suspected intruders and many areas of the site are covered by CCTV and access alarm systems.

5. Information and Instruction

Yusr International School recognizes the importance of good communication with employees within the Health and Safety matter. Health and Safety information posters are displayed on notice boards throughout the school alongside the school’s mission and vision. Health and Safety issues are discussed routinely at departmental meetings and during staff brief and trainings. Staff are reminded to report health and safety issues, near misses or instances of dangerous behaviour to their line manager or direct to a member of the Health and Safety Committee.

6. Co-operation 

In order to ensure the policy, we believe that all staff, students, visitors or contractors should require by this policy to cooperate with the school in its endeavour to comply with statutory requirements in respect of health and safety. Safety systems, equipment’s and notices should not be tampered with or abused and safety procedures must be followed and personal protective equipment must be used as directed.

It is the responsibility of all staff to have regard to their own safety and that of their colleagues by reporting health and safety issues to their line manager or to a member of the Health and Safety Committee, and by setting a good example of health and safety awareness to the students.

7. Health and Safety Committee

To ensure that the policy is in place accurately, within Yusr International School we have set up a Health and Safety Committee at both the female and male section of the school to assist in the management of the policy. The committee will provide a forum for the discussion and review of the policies and risk assessment.

Monitoring and Review

At YIS, we aim to maintain and effective monitoring and analytical report of all accident reports, sickness records, staff turnover, reports on fire drills and progress reports on actions recommended. The school acknowledges that effective management of Health and Safety relies equally on a proactive approach and the arrangements detailed in this policy for the inspection and planned maintenance of equipment and services, the requirement for risk assessments and the identification of training needs through the employee appraisals are intended to ensure that the aims of the Health and Safety Policy are achieved and the school provides a safe place of work and student as far as is reasonably practicable.

Crisis Management 

Yusr International School takes into consideration all of the crisis that could emerge within the school grounds. The Crisis Management Plan is designed to effectively coordinate the use of school and community resources to protect life and property during and immediately following a major crisis or disturbance on the Yusr International School Campus. It is placed into operation whenever an emergency affecting the school grounds cannot be controlled through routine, daily and normal channels and procedures.

The Plan is meant to be a response system for coordinating and deploying essential school services in the event of a major crisis or emergency on the school grounds.

The Yusr International School Crisis Management Plan is re-examined and amended on a regular basis by the Health and Safety Committee. The committee provides general oversight for the entire planning process and meets quarterly to address emergency preparedness, response and recovery issues.

The Crisis Management Response Structure has a two-fold purpose:

– to develop and maintain awareness of the crisis or emergency situation for College executives and critical decision makers

– to coordinate support and assistance for crisis and emergency responders

Maintenance Policy 

Yusr International School ensures the building and landscape environment must be kept in such conditions to ensure that the facilities are adequate:

– for the courses of study provided by the school

– for the numbers of students in each class, and

 – for the safe and secure occupancy and use by students, staff and visitors. 


YIS provides the facility with a Maintenance Committee which is responsible for ensuring the schools built environment is adequately maintained in sound operational condition. The ensure the following:
– Built environment: The building, a group of buildings, a part of a building or additions to a building, which are used for a purpose that is connected with the curriculum of the school or college. Fixtures, which are affixed to a building and are unable, to be detached without substantial damage to the item itself or that to which it is attached, are accepted as part of a building.

– Landscaped environment: Includes outdoor play areas, landscaping, play equipment, playgrounds.

– Maintenance: Maintenance falls into three broad categories:
1. Essential Maintenance–work that is recurrent in nature, required to keep systems operational, safe and/or as required by statutory authorities or regulation, for example:

  •  Fire protection systems.
  •  Security systems.
  •  Ventilation systems.
  •  Heating and cooling plant and equipment.
  • Lift services.
  • Electrical equipment safety inspections and testing.
  • Playground equipment.2. Planned Maintenance–work that has been identified through asset inspection and assessment procedures required to be undertaken to preserve a building’s fabric including features, for example:


  •  Painting previously painted surfaces.
  •  Replacement of floor coverings.
  •  Replacement of furniture.
  •  Annual cleaning.
  • Gutter cleaning. 3. Unforeseen Maintenance–work that cannot be anticipated, usually as a result of a breakdown or an accident, which is essential for health safety, security or protecting the environment, for example:
  •  Blocked drains from storm water or sewerage.
  • Electrical hazards.
  •  Vandalism outside school hours.
  • Water leaks from taps, toilets or bubblers.

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