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Dear Reader,

Since the very daybreak of Yusr International School, it has been my utmost pleasure to recount a story I have cherished for years. Yusr, my haven, has shielded my ambitions with a genuine armor of success. Why not return the favors it has done my community by telling its story, then? For isn’t gratitude the core ethic of humility and humanity?

For years, I have had a dream: an educational edifice that hosts, nurtures, and celebrates life; an edifice that tells about the power of the word; an edifice that outlasts my memory, your memory, and everybody else’s to celebrate nobody’s memory but the apple of my eyes: our children.

Then, there was the need to find the arena for this great edifice. It was then too that I could look nowhere but in Saudi Arabia; Jeddah was the place, and what a place!

Since 2007, YIS has set its goals towards fostering a community of high achieving learners, actively engaged national and international citizens, creatively encouraged competitors, and confidently entrepreneurial spirits. It is a flow of powers as never-restrained as such that filters into our hearts and seeks its perfection in your lives.

At Yusr International School too, our emphasis has gone beyond the norms. It is no more about classes of four-walled experiences. It is about ‘life.’ Here, at Yusr, we pay our attention to the minute details of our students’ lives, helping those dear sons and daughters to evolve into the global citizens our world has ever awaited, storing them endless things to cherish, reshape, or create.

And because continuous learning and the ambition to excel have paved Yusr a significant pathway, we have earned our accreditation from AdvancED, the biggest educational organization in the world. We have also become University of Cambridge ESOL and BULATS Tests Centers in quite remarkable time too. If these instances of our trail of achievements were to reflect anything, they would certainly tell about nobody’s success but that of an awesome, cooperative, and professionally developed staff that has ever served Yusr community with powers as incredible as myths and as never-aging as the Elixir of life!

It is in this way how we, Yusr International School community, cherish our glorious past, live our successful present, and look forward to the promising future. Here, in the serenity of your presence, dear Reader, we do promise to keep up the lead we have started. We do claim: Yusr’s name shall globally resound one day with the slogan we have kept for ourselves: we nurture ‘Learners today… Pioneers Tomorrow…’ Our day has just had its dawn.


Aisha Al-Otaibi

Chief Executive Officer, Founder

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