A chain of advanced schools with an Islamic perspective and global education methodologies.



At Yusr International School, we are committed to delivering a comprehensive international education program that enables our students to be life-long learners through improving their knowledge, critical thinking, ethics and communication skills.
We have established a healthy school environment that fosters values and consolidates Islamic culture and principles. Hence we strive to inspire identity in our students whilst developing respect and global understanding.


Our Target

Is to produce a generation of distinguished leaders and constructive members of society who help to create a caring and peaceful world. We embrace the fact that all students can learn in different ways; therefore, we can, Insha'Allah, provide our students with a variety of teaching and learning approaches that meet their individuals needs and allow them to excel academically. Since learning is a lifelong process that requires the involvement of all stakeholders, our students and their parents are partners in education.


2007, Foundation Year


Yusr team comprised 10 staff members and 40 students. 1/9/1427 H. is the first day of this edifice’s age. The thought of having Yusr dream come true had been on the founder’s mind for long. The founder, Mrs. Aisha Al Otaibi, had ever planned to establish a school with an American curriculum, Islamic perspective, and distinct openness to all people. It had been her plan to work out a school that operates efficiently and abides by the required standards for quality education and performance. The establishment of the very first block of this edifice entailed the emission of the light that is to fill up the globe with knowledge, thought, and development.

2008, Identity Year

Yusr team comprised 20 staff members and 80 students. The first team at Yusr International School, and under the leadership of the founder and General Director, set out to design the first strategic plan for the schools so as the schools would be able to climb up education stairs with quality, international recognition, and continuous development. Thereby, there was intensive care for three aspects that allowed Yusr to excel much of the international schools’ norms in Jeddah then.

2009, Emergence Year

Yusr team comprised 40 staff members and 200 students. At this stage, Yusr ascended the community’s stage in its best outfit, bearing three stars that adorned Jeddah’s skies:

 Star One: Distinct vision and Mission that lay out new approach to foreign education in a way that is compatible with Yusr’s identity and community’s beliefs

Star Two: Care for the student and his/her academic achievement in class, school, and home

Star Three: Bolstering the role of the educator through professional development and encouragement

 Here, at his stage, Yusr International School’s sun witnesed its real rise, thereby encouraging big number of families to retain or reserve seats for their children to share the joy of this distinct education. At this stage too, a big number of distinguished teachers and administrators who serve foreign education started to correspond with Yusr, recruit their expertise for Yusr, and join Yusr’s growing body.

2010, Challenge Year

Yusr team comprised 60 staff members and 400 students. At this stage, Yusr International School’s administration embarked on developing the edifice holistically, stressing on distinction and the need to address the community’s need for leading schools as such. Thenceforth, Yusr catered for:

  1. School buildings expansion
  2. Nomination for American accreditation
  3. Achieving Distinction degree from the Ministry of Education

2011, Development Year

Yusr team comprised 80 staff members and 800 students. It was then when Yusr, with its continual rejuvenation, kept up the race with development and distinction, thereby renewing and improving many school aspects:

  1. Reviewing the school’s Vision and Mission while keeping the basic principles untouched
  2. Renewing the school’s slogan in consistency with Yusr’s development
  3. Renewing the school’s organizational being in accordance with the school’s needs
  4. Achieving the first accreditation from the American organization, NWAC
  5. Achieving candidacy status for accreditation from the biggest Accreditation organization, AdvancED
  6. Recruiting the expertise of a distinctly professional academic team
  7. Adopting SAT and AP curriculum applications
  8. Opening up all grade levels in consistency with the school’s Vision and international mission
  9. Offering social services to social organizations that serve the community

2012, Distinction Year

Yusr team comprised 120 staff members and 1200 students. At this stage, Yusr had been keeping its steady pace towards targeted short term and long term goals. Accordingly, the school body moved to the new facility, which entertains high potentials as regards area allocations, equipment, and scenery. Meantime, academic, administrative, and social strategies were set forth with the same momentum and in the same direction, and so did Yusr have all that it had ever planned for:

  1. Full accreditation from AdvancED for five years
  2. Class A classification from the Ministry of Education
  3. Affiliation with the University of Cambridge to conduct Cambridge ESOL test for students
  4. Affiliation with the University of Cambridge to conduct Cambridge BULATS test for staff
  5. Achieving the status of national and international examination center

2013, International Recognition Year:

Yusr team comprises 250 staff members and 2200 students. Here, Yusr has truly established its reputation for achieving international recognition with power, quality, and determination. In this year, Yusr has


1.      Hosted AdvancED Global Conference, first AdvancED conference in KSA

2.      Won the nomination of the Ministry of Education to participate in International Exhibition and Forum for Education

3.      Achieved affiliation with Universiry of Cambridge

4.      Become test center for Mawhiba, a test that the Italian government provides in affiliation with the Saudi Ministry of Education

5.      Arranged for common interests with the government of Uzbekistan

6.      Established Yusr Academy for languages

7.      Signed a contract of agreement with Elite for development and IT management in consistency with workplace requirements and international standards for quality achievement 

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