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The Student Behaviour policy is to foster and encourage the following:

  •  Making sure that all the students are respected and they respect all members of the school community
  • To make sure that the school environment is optimal for student learning and is a positive and safe place
  • To make sure that all students are aware of the rules and regulations and the code of conduct that is expected from them
  • It is Y.I.S responsibility to ensure that morals and values are taught through the school curriculum, in the classroom and throughout the school
  •  To promote respect, global awareness, self-responsibility to us as individuals, our community and the wider community

Y.I.S Approach

Y.I.S approach to behaviour is to enforce the rules and to encourage the students in a number of ways to act responsibility. By creating this type of atmosphere, this will allow for the students to have self-confidence. Y.I.S employs the following to enforce and reinforce the rules:

  •  The rules and code of conduct are made clear to all students on the first day of school and are reinforced everyday through morning assemblies and daily prayer
  •  Good behaviour, responsibility is taught through the curriculum and also in single subjects Yusr International School Student Behaviour Policy
  • Certain grades undertake community service for a specified number of hours throughout the school year
  •  Many events take place in the school to raise awareness take place within the school
  •  Staff reinforce the rules everyday on a daily basis

Y.I.S use a system that allow us to reward our students for their good behaviour which are as follows:

• Verbal praise

• Messages home in their agenda to their parents

• Assemblies which honour students who have been an exemplary example to their classmates

• Phone call home to their parents to inform them of good behaviour

• Informal referral to the Principal

• Collecting merit cards in order to present the students with the most number of merit cards a prize at the end of the semester

• Special certificates for students

Disciplinary Policy

If a student misbehaves, Y.I.S implement the disciplinary policy of which is aligned to the Ministry of Education rules. Different actions are implemented based on the violation of which is listed below. Yusr International School Student Behaviour Policy Students are expected to show the best possible behavior inside and outside the class. However, the following are the violations with their consequences for the information of students and parents. Group 1 relates to the violations inside the class while group 2 is about the Violations outside the classroom.


Notice: A verbal warning during the class should be given for the violations mentioned above with a notice as a consequence.

Contact Parents: All violations with this consequence are to be reported to parents via SMS.

Referral to Student Affairs: The teachers are not to send out a student unless he has been warned but has not been listening to the teacher. Any student sent out of class should be given an RSA referral letter after the class and sent to the student councilor. The student counselor is to take written reply from student and take necessary action like informing parents, detention, suspension, or refer the case to the principal


Written Apology: A written apology is to be handed in if asked by the student counselor using apology form available with RSA.

Detention: If a student is awarded detention, the RSA will issue the detention slip and write the name of student in detention list for the week. The student is to stay back on the detention day and time according to the slip in school and complete the tasks given by the teacher in-charge of detention. Incomplete assignment will mean an unsuccessful detention completion and the student’s name will be included in next detention list as well. If a student is absent on the detention day, his detention will be doubled.

Suspension: A suspension means that student will not be allowed to attend the school for a number of days and his grades for participation and quizzes will be zero for the same period. The days of suspension are also mentioned in final transcript and the personal certificate issued by the school.

Expulsion: An expulsion case will be forwarded to the principal after all other actions have been taken and the student continues with the violations

School Uniform:

All students are expected to come to school in School uniform which can be purchased from school after the payment due fee

School Timing:

Come to school on time is a must. The regular school timing is from 07:45 am to02:45 pm. Students are to arrive in school before 07:45 am for morning assembly. Parents are requested to ensure the timely arrival of students. All latecomers will be referred to student affairs office or vice principal for disciplinary action. Students arriving after 7:45 will not be allowed to attend the first class and will be marked absent for the same period.

Absence from School:

In case of absence the student must provide the school with an excuse letter. The sick leave is only granted in case a stamped medical certificate from a hospital is provided.

Special Educational Needs (SEN) Policy

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