Back to School

Students took part in a back to school program, which lasted from 1 to 3 days. They completed team building activities and ...

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National Day

We celebrated the National day of Saudi Arabia and the KSA Vision 2030. Students organized a time-line that represented the past

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COMING SOON!! An entirely new take on your learning experience!! Interactive, Flexible and Innovative!!

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Teenage Sleeping Patterns

The life of today’s teenager is busy and in constant flux. They have increasing responsibilities at school and at home, their social lives are expanding, their independence is growing, and they’re making plans for their future. Adolescence is a time of significant maturation—physical, emotional, intellectual. Sleep fuels these important processes. Good, plentiful sleep is essential ...

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Mr. Muhammad Zaiter’s DOs For Effective Time Management

1. Eliminate distractions Get rid of anything that distracts you and allows you to procrastinate from your work. While you are studying or writing, turn off your phone’s ringtones and vibrations and put it in a drawer where you won’t be tempted to answer calls and messages. Allow yourself to check your phone only once ...

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Yusr Read Event

Yusr International Schools are proud to announce the “Yusr Read Event” which will take place on the 25th November – 29th November 2018. YIS have partnered with two international leading book publishers to showcase their range of books. During this week, students and parents will be able to explore many different books from all types ...

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Yurs Activity

تسعى مدارس اليسر العالمية لتحقيق شعارها “هدفنا واحد.. شغفنا واحد.. أن نعمل بسعادة” من خلال تنظيم مبادرات وأنشطة لكافة منسوبيها بجميع مستوياتهم وقد قامت المدارس الشهر الماضي \ نوفمبر بتنظيم زيارة شاملة جميع النفقات لجميع العاملين والعاملات إلى “المدينة المنورة” تعبيراً لهم عن عميق امتنانها لمجهوداتهم وإخلاصهم في عملهم.   Yusr International Schools always strives ...

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Yusr Event

فعالية ” إقرأ “   استضافت مدارس اليسر العالمية ناشرين عالميين في حرم المدارس وتم عرض العديد من الكتب بلغات مختلفة وكان الهدف من الفعالية تحفيز طلابنا وطالباتنا على القراءة، وقد كان التفاعل رائعا وجميلا , حيث زار المدارس عدد كبير من المثقفين والأدباء وكان له صدى رائع في نفوس الطلبة والمعلمين .وضمن سياسة مدارس ...

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Yusr Sports Activities

Sports Activities     YUSR International schools are keen to encourage student by organizing sport programs and activities such as Football & Basketball, such events are organized in the schools of together with other important academies & schools to enhance their self-esteem and confidence. All activities are held under the supervision of the coaches & ...

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Entertainment Trips

Entertainment Trips for Boys Section   Yusr International Schools organized a trip to students from grade levels 4-5-6 Boys together with their teachers to the “Bounce game” center, the place is very safe and fun, our students enjoyed jumping and challenge games besides a bunch of other interesting activities.   الرحلات الترفيهية لقسم البنين   ...

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Academic Calendar

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